Over the last few years we reported on the quantity of various items we have given out but this only tells part of the story.


Most weeks 70-80 people come through our doors for a meal. Most are single, but some share whatever food we are able to provide at the end of the session with family members. We have many regular visitors but Blackpool has a very transient population - especially when it comes to homeless people; many just come along to a few sessions before moving on.


 While our Food for Tomorrow project was under way, we invited people attending to provide comments anonymously. Here is a selection of the things they had to say about Comfort C.A.F.E. :

    • Great team, very helpful when I'm homeless. The hot food is great. Thank you.

    • Want to thank all the staff for all their work that they do for us. They are all great and it’s a pleasure to come here.

    • The extra tins come in handy when I'm running out of money.

    • Thank you cos I've had all my benefits stopped.

    • It's great that somewhere is open to the less well off. I'm very grateful!

More feedback can be found in the responses of our community members to two government-sponsored surveys which you can read about on these links:


We keep small stocks of clothing and personal hygiene items to give out where there is a need. The table below shows the clothing we gave out in the first four months of 2023.


Help for the Homeless

We have a limited stock of basic rucksacks and thermos flasks to hand out to the homeless or people 'sofa surfing'.