Comfort C.A.F.E. relies entirely on volunteers to provide services to the community.

We have a group of about 20 regular volunteers but can always use more. The information below may help you decide if you think you might like to help us.

You can get a good idea of what our volunteers do in practice by checking out the What We Do page. As you will see, we work from midday on Mondays, and around 09:30 on Tuesdays, to prepare for our drop-in sessions on Tuesdays from 11:00 to 12:30.

Why Volunteer?

People volunteer for various reasons. Many of our volunteers joined us through association with a religious organisation but others have no religious leanings at all.

We recently conducted a survey of our existing volunteers. Their responses may help you to decide if becoming a volunteer with Comfort C.A.F.E. might be for you. There are common themes of 'wanting to give something back', 'wanting to be useful' and 'being part of a caring community'.

Question 1: What do you personally get out of volunteering?

  • "I get a feeling of being useful in helping others."
  • "Helping people less fortunate than myself has become a way of life. Each week it feels like a job well done!"
  • "The satisfaction of feeling useful and 'giving something back' to the community."
  • "Being part of a team and feeling useful."
  • "Fellowship with the other volunteers."
  • "Volunteering gives a structure to my week. It is good to do something worthwhile and to be useful."

Question 2: Has volunteering helped you deal with personal circumstances or problems?

  • It's the perfect antidote to loneliness or feelings of uselessness. It keeps you busy and you feel valued.
  • "Being a widow, I enjoy the company and fellowship"
  • "It keeps me busy at a time of life when I could be slowing down but don't want to. The team are very supportive.

Question 3: How do you think your volunteering helps the community?

  • "I like to think we offer acceptance and non-judgemental support, hopefully improving the self-esteem and quality of life of those that come through our doors."
  • "We do a little to fill a gap in support from the government. Our volunteers provide physical and mental support, a decent meal, and especially someone to talk to."
  • "We know that people appreciate our efforts."
  • "We give hope to those struggling to get by."
  • "Many of our clients are not able to cook for one reason or another so it is good to be able to provide them with a nutritious meal including fresh vegetables when we know they mainly eat unhealthy 'convenience' foods."
  • "Apart from providing hot meals, we give our time to listen to people who are often feeling alone."

Question 4: What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a volunteer?

  • "Get in touch and arrange to come to one of our sessions on a Tuesday morning to see what we do. If it isn't for you, that's not a problem but you may just enjoy it."
  • "Give it a try - you never know where it might lead. You will make new friends, become part of a 'family' and have the satisfaction of being helpful."
  • "Don't hesitate!"
  • "Do it!!! If it doesn't work out you can always stop but if it does you may find yourself with lots of new friends as you become a member of a loving team of volunteers aiming to serve the community and help others who are less fortunate."
  • "If you have any spare time in your daily life, use it to help others. It will help you too."

What Are We Looking For?

No special skills are required, but we encourage people to be flexible.

You should be aware of our objectives and ethos which are summarised HERE.

  • We do not discriminate on grounds of faith, gender, colour, or race and treat everyone with dignity, respect, kindness, sincerity, integrity, understanding and in an empathetic manner.
  • We will ask for character references before approving volunteers to safeguard members of the community we work with.
  • Volunteers handling food will be given appropriate food safety training.

Next Steps

To find out more, get in touch with us using the simple contact form HERE, or contact us via the email address or telephone number at the top of this page.