We rely on donations of money and food to do our work and are always grateful for help.

Over the last 18 months we have received grants from Blackpool Council, the Cheshire Community Foundation Assura Community Fund and the D.J. Sidebottam/Glasdon Charitable Programme that enabled us to run short-term projects to provide additional food items, but we are primarily funded by donations from individuals from the Fylde Coast and beyond as well as local churches.

If you are able to make a donation of cash or food you can either:

  • Email the charity Treasurer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Complete the 'contact us' form HERE

We aim to provide a way of making donations online in future.

Money Donations

Here are some examples of how your donations might be used. We usually have over 70 people at each session.

  • £5 could pay for a thermos flask to help a homeless person keep drinks warm during the Winter
  • £10 could pay for pasta for a pasta dish for one weekly session
  • £10 could pay for teabags for two weekly sessions
  • £11 could pay for a carton of long-life milk for ten people
  • £15 could pay for thermal underwear for someone sleeping rough
  • £20 could pay for well-filled cheese and onion barmcakes for 20 people
  • £25 could pay for minced beef to make cottage pies for 40 people
  • £25 could pay for cheese to make cheese and onion pies for 40 people
  • £30 could pay for meat stew or sausages for a weekly session
  • £30 could pay for a sleeping bag for a homeless person
  • £55 could pay for chicken enough chicken to make pies for a weekly session

Food Donations

Comfort C.A.F.E. does not supply food parcels and we direct anyone asking for one to the Blackpool Council Discretionary Support Scheme. However, when we are able, such as during our recent 'Food Tomorrow' project, we provide community members attending our sessions with some non-perishable food items as they leave, to help see them through the week.

We always have a need for:

  • Tinned food (e.g. soup, baked beans, corned beef, stew, minced beef, rice puddings, potatoes, vegetables - ring-pull if possible)
  • Dried food (e.g. instant potato, cereals, biscuits, tea, coffee, sugar, pot noodles, cup-a-soup)
  • Cartons (e.g fruit juice, small cartons of long-life milk)

Food donations must be within 'use-by' dates for safety reasons.